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Here at Deep Well Designs we provide quality handmade products each with a story to tell. Our creations are made with careful thought and precision from cutting of the stones down to the tiniest embellishments. Each piece is a wearable work of art. Find yours today!


Meet the Artist

Thomas Johnston has been creating wearable works of art for over 20 years. He was taught lapidary and silversmith basics from his grandfather at a very young age. These basics turned into a passion that has inspired the creations you see today.

Thomas currently resides in Nevada with his Fiancée and business partner Riley and three dogs (Hank, Emma, & Steve). He spends his free time swing dancing, hiking, rock-hounding, and adventuring anywhere he can!

Dancing Couple in Tulum



Contact Info


Phone: (775) 227-5600 

Instagram: @deepwelldesigns00

Facebook: Deep Well Designs

Location: Nevada, United States

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