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Royal Blood

Royal Blood


Handmade / Hand-forged all the way down to the last detail - this gorgeous pendant is a jaw-dropper! The chain is a double byzantine pattern and each sterling silver link was created and assembled by hand. Over 300 individual links were used to complete the 18" chain! The unique toggle clasp has a twist pattern with a back drop chain featuring a mini shadowbox pendant. The sterling silver back pendant features an exquisitely set garnet that accentuates the focal piece. This piece will be turning heads no matter which direction you are coming from! The main pendant draws attention to a shield shaped bloodstone set inside a shadowbox. The red and gold accents in this stone perfectly compliment the garnet and 18k gold bead set at the top. The textured face of the pendant gives an antique vibe that is unmatched! At the bottom of the pendant your eyes are directed to a polished sterling silver teardrop. The soft touch of this accents off-sets the bold diamond shaped grooves carved around the edges. The elegance and power that this piece gives off is sure to make you feel like a queen! 


Metal: Sterling Silver / 18k Yellow Gold

Stone: Bloodstone

Gems: Garnet

Size: 18" Chain


Handmade in USA

Only 1 left in stock
  • Warranty



    There are no refunds and there is a 1 year limited warranty on items purchased. Warranty starts on date of purchase. Warranty covers design faults that include but are not limited to; loose/broken stones, broken bands, rough edges (burrs), and other design faults. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear will be evaluated by designer at time of warranty claim.

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