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About Our Name

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Are you curious about how we chose our new name? Deep Well Designs isn't just a catchy phrase we picked - it goes a lot "deeper" than that! When Thomas was little - his favorite thing to do was hang out with Grandpa Buffington at his home in Luning, Nevada. They would ride all over the hills in the Nevada desert and hunt for rocks. Grandpa was the first one to teach Thomas how to cut stones and work a torch in his little rock shop out back. Grandpa's shop lessons evolved into passion that has fueled our business today! Over the years Thomas moved around quite a bit. He met Riley in Idaho and then in 2019 we wound up moving back to…. *drumroll please* …… Luning, Nevada! Being back out where it all started been a blessing! We love being able to go out rockhounding and exploring whenever we please!

Now that you understand why Luning has a place in our hearts - it is time for a history lesson! The town was officially founded in 1881 but it was originally called "Deep Well". It was created as a station and supply center for the Southern Pacific Railroad. The name was not changed to "Luning" until the railroad arrived in the early 1900s! This fun little bit of history really hit home and we knew it was time to re-brand! We have updated our website and posts to reflect what this town means to us. Hopefully you are able to experience a little bit of our love for this place with the designs we create for you! --

Thomas & Riley

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