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The Happy Claims

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

When it comes to "Happy Variscite" or "Happy Turquoise" there is always a little confusion. The most frequent questions are "Do you mean happy instead of sad?" or "Who decided to call it happy?". We figured it was time for a little history to help clear that up for you! The "Happy" claims are located in the Candelaria Hills in Nevada. Thomas's Great Grandmother (affectionately known as Grandma B) was the original locator of these claims in 1975 and she settled on the name "Happy" because it was her happy place! She absolutely loved digging at these claims and would even camp out just to have more time to find rocks! The Happy Variscite and Happy Turquoise are the original findings from these claims. More recently these claims have also revealed uniquely colored material including; Ol' Willie Turquoise, Siren Storm Variscite, Ghost Town Variscite, Black Pearl Variscite, Chameleon Variscite, Rusted Lily Variscite, and Desert Snow Howlite. Hopefully we will be able to add new collections to this list as we discover new material! We love being able to share this awesome variscite with you when we have it available. At this point in time, we are only able to dig by hand at either of these claims. This means that we are only getting a few pounds of material each year. We hope to be able to get equipment into these claims one day, but for now we will enjoy the dig!


Thomas & Riley

P.S. - If you want to see what any of this material looks like, check out our stones shop!

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